12 Days of Holy Moments: Day 1

As a festive treat, for the twelve days until Christmas, I will post some of my personal favourite ‘Holy moments’ from the world of cinema. These are the mesmeric moments that you can’t take your eyes off, the moments that, often without saying anything at all, say so much, the moments for which film was created.

As such, I’m gonna kick off with an incredible scene from perhaps the greatest American movie ever made, Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull (1980).

And as extra little stocking filler, here is the credit sequence – one of the most beautiful openings to one of the most brutal of films.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Holy Moments: Day 1

  1. Excellent idea! (er…shouldn’t you be working on a piece about Bunuel?). Not sure if I wouldn’t argue for the credits being a holy moment too, made even more so by the best scene in The Sopranos ever – shortly before Silvio’s near-fatal shooting, sparring in slow motion with Tony in the restaurant as this music played. I cried. Man love was never this pure.

    • Indeed, I definitely think the credits are. The Sopranos scene was actually a candidate for my list, especially when watching the RB credits and Soph reminded me of it, beautiful.

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