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Nathan Shaw completed his BA in World screen studies at Swansea University, before undertaking an MA in European film studies at the same institution. His MA dissertation focused on the emergence of a contemporary European cinema that exhibits physical suffering and torture as a means to transcendence. He is currently preparing his doctoral thesis.

Areas of interest include the New Hollywood cinema of the 60s and 70s, contemporary American television, portrayals of masculinity in European film, Female film directors, French crime cinema and Film Noir.

Also the films of Tarkovsky, Buñuel, Kieslowski, Bergman, von Trier, Haneke, Melville, Hitchcock, Godard, Truffaut, Dreyer, Wong Kar Wai, Ramsey, Cholodenko, Reichardt, Audiard, Scorsese, Tarantino, Medem, Almodóvar, Amenábar, Noé, Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis, Ozon, Joon-ho Bong, Martel…


(2011) ‘Moving towards the light’, Short Film Studies, 1(2), pp. 191-194, Intellect – Link

(2012) ‘Stop motion masculinity’, Short Film Studies, 3(1), pp. 75-78, Intellect – Link

(2013) ”Play it Again, Sam’ – intertextuality, authorship and expectations in The Bloody Olive’, Short Film Studies, 4(1), pp. 95-98, Intellect – Link



(2014) ‘Article on Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto’, Short Film Studies, 4(2), Intellect

(TBC) ‘Female American Indie directors’, in Celluloid Ceiling: 21st Century Women Film Directors, Supernova books



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